Windsurfing as an adventurous sport and recreational pastime first peaked in 1980s only to fall. However, with all sorts of advancement, the sport has suddenly caught the fancy of all those looking for unique adventure and fun.

If you want to revel in the thrill and the tornado of gliding over waves at over 20-30 miles per hour, look no further than shaka. The Adrenaline windsurfing center is situated in the sandy paradise of the Dominic Republic. With the longest stretch of uninterrupted beach and mesmerizing bays and lagoons, we boast of an ideal place to enjoy the sport to the hilt. Added to it our top notch and latest modern equipments and exceptionally talented and experienced professionals, our center is the dream destination for all those who wish to learn the sport and become a champion in it.

We take care of all licenses and top safety equipments in place; we ensure that you learn the sport in the safest environment with the best in the profession. If you already know the game, then you can simply enjoy the sport in the safest conditions and under the best environment at the most amazing prices! To make your stay a seamless experience we have airport to and fro transfer facilities. As soon as you land at the Puerto Plata International Airport (POP) and clear immigration, you will find us standing at the doorstep of the airport to take care of allissues including baggage.

The facility can be easily pre-booked or opted for on spot at amazing economic rates. To make your stay the most pleasurable experience of your life we have a range of rooms’ right from the budget ones to the five star beach condominiums. We also have an arrangement with number of hotels in the vicinity to ensure that you have the most amazing and economic deal made available to you. Most of the hotels and condominiums are just 5 to 10 minute walking distance from our center with a few situated right inside our center. We not only have the basic and few luxurious amenities in even our budget rooms to make your stay pleasant and comfortable but we also have our own range of catering services for you to enjoy world class cuisine of all leading international taste to whet your appetite and revel in it. With our 24/7 kitchen, you can pamper your taste buds at any time. Get in touch with us at the earliest to get the best experience in sailing.

Mountain Bike Tracks and Trail

When it comes to enjoying the beauty of nature, one side of the population of this globe loves to cherish every moment as if they can enjoy every beat of the clock, but the other side of this population loves to go wild in the forest, and if you are among the latter ones then we have a perfect vacation planned for you!

Feeling the gush of air on your body, making your way through the tall trees, and exploring the unexplored roads and off-roads area, have you already guessed what we are talking about? Yes, the most exciting and thrilling land sport- mountain biking!

Whether it is your first time trying your hands on mountain biking or you are now a pro at it, the twist and turns of riding off-road with a mountain biking tour in Lombok is a breathtaking experience. But with great experiences comes possible great risk, and that’s why we are here to offer the best introductory and advanced courses for beginners as well as professional bikers who are interested in riding off-road through the Lombok mountains.

Highlights of the Mountain biking tour in Lombok

Lombok is an island in Indonesia situated near Bali and has gained a sloping rise in attracting millions of tourists in recent years. From its sceneries to its weather, everything is suitable to make your holiday the best holiday in your life. And what could be a better way of exploring this mesmerizing beauty of nature than mountain biking?

On your mountain biking tour, you will get to observe the stunning view of Lombok city, and while passing through the rice paddy field farms, you will cross one of the hanging bridges on the island, getting the view of local farmers working in a traditional way and attire. 

You will also come across different traditional weaving crafts that are popular and made by the locals. If you are interested in diving deep into the soothing and mesmerizing beauty of this island, far from the hustle and bustle of the modern cities, then this mountain bike tour in Lombok is made just for you!

There are many different routes you can choose for your mountain biking tour in Lombok, from Kuta Lombok to Pink beach or the famous Senggigi loop; you can choose from different routes and days for your best mountain bike tours in Lombok.

Visiting Lombok this summer? Don’t miss the chance to experience the fun and exciting mountain biking tour! Come to us if you are interested in taking beginners or advanced level courses for mountain biking before you decide to hit the mountains!


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